Posted on: October 17, 2009 7:27 pm

Im still proud of my Hogs

We gained momentum going into the rest of the season.  Although we lost to the REfs from hell to day we played well.  Florida got a prestent today wrapped in Zebra stripes, enjoy Florida but no way your running undefeated through the rest of the season.   Its going to make us sound like sore losers when Arkansas gripes about the play calling, but there is a ligitamate complaint, there was one phantom pass interference, on phantom personal foul call, several ball placement issues, several other bad calls behind those two major ones.   the announcers (not CBS they were to busy making out with Tebow) were commenting on this situation as well.  I hope there is some strong criticism about the play calling and some suspension come down from this situation.

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Posted on: October 17, 2009 12:20 am

Razorbacks VS. Florida

Unfortunately since we have been in the SEC we have not beaten Florida, but sooner or later that is gonna change.  The real question is will it be tomorrow?  I hope so of course, but the reality is a little different.  Florida does have a great defense and could cause major problems for the Hogs high powered offense, in fact they could shut us down like Alabama did.  The hogs are on a roll, I am gonna say if we come out guns blaring we got a great chance and can score on them.   Our offense can be dangerous for any team, they have the ability to put points on the board quick, which is new for the Razorbacks and their fans.  Our defense is showing improvement from game to game, I hope they continue that trend and keep Florida's offense off balance.   Florida has so many weapons on offense from passing, to the run game, and a mixed bag of tricks.   If we can keep them to less than 20 points we can win it.   I believe tomorrows game is going to be better than most think, and I believe we can sneak up on Florida and actually win.  Just have to make sure the planets are alligned right, and looking at tonights sky we have as good of a chance as anyone else that shows up to play. 
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