Posted on: March 25, 2011 9:39 pm

2011 Tourney

Its been a good one, I was disappointed in the Duke/Arizona game I thought that it would have been much closer.   Complete blowout in the second half.
Tonights first two games were blow outs too and thats surprising as well.  
Thats kind of odd this deep in the tourney to have three blowouts. 
Glad Butler won, I love to root for the little guy as does everyone else.

Next up tonight is OSU vs Kentucy.   I am pulling for Ky. and that is a rare thing for me to do. 
And VCU to beat Fla State is the other team I am pulling for.  Again Little guy.   I think VCU can win, they have been hot this year.   I think their Coach is going to get a promotion and raise at the end of the season to a big school that writes big checks. 

Tomorrow I believe Florida will be back in the Final Four and I think Arizona is going to join them. 
I think Kansas will be there as well regardless of which team they play Sunday.    The other on is a crap shoot I just dont know. UNC, OSU or Kentucy, thats a tough one to pick.  Hope its Kentucy, love to see the SEC get represented. 
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